Surgical Latex Hand Gloves

Surgical Latex Hand Gloves helps to prevent contamination between the patients and the caregivers during surgical procedures. Surgical Latex Hand Gloves are used during procedures that do not require sterile conditions, for example drawing blood for a blood test. This powder-free latex surgical glove is ideal for high risk procedures in orthopedics, trauma, and cardiac.

Key Features And Benefits :

1) Powder-free latex surgical gloves are 50% thicker on average and provide outstanding protection.
2) They have superior grip for dry and damp applications and heavy-textured finish
3) Surgical Latex Hand Gloves are used in Industrial Applications like surgeries, orthopedics, trauma, and cardiac
4) Enhanced grip in wet environments
5) Powder free Surgical Gloves helps for easy donning of the glove by the surgeons.

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