Dotted Gloves

PVC dotted gloves can be used in any type of work environments as they are made from Cotton. PVC dotted gloves are versatile and have been used by chemists since long time as they are dealing with extreme chemicals. As the Chemists require full grip on the Glass bottles and vials for experimentation, these PVC dotted gloves work so well for them.

The PVC dotted gloves are more preferred by construction workers as these gloves allow the workers to grip their tools and screws. These gloves are easily available and also are disposable. Even the Gardeners prefer PVC dotted gloves as the PVC dots protect the hands from thorny weeds or branches and also from harmful bristles which are seen on weeds and plants.

PVC dotted gloves works like reversible jacket. If one side of the glove is stained you can turn it inside out and wear it. As these gloves are dotted on both the sides they give protection to our hand and palm as well. PVC dotted gloves works are very economical and beneficial as they have longer life than one side dotted gloves.

Application :

1) Automotive industry
2) Engineering
3) Petrochemicals
4) Foundries
5) Tyre manufacturing
6) Construction
7) Coal Industries
8) Pharmaceutical
9) Chemical industry
10) Ceramics
11) Paper industry

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