Electrical Safety Gloves

Electrical Safety Gloves

Rubber insulating gloves are prescribed the most as the protection shield for electrical workers. Testing of Electrical safety gloves must be done periodically. Electrical safety gloves must incorporate high dielectric and physical strength, along with flexibility and durability., the electrical safety gloves should be inspected for holes; rips or tears; ozone deterioration, cuts or ultraviolet damage, UV checking, and signs of chemical deteriorationbefore each use. The first sign of chemical exposure is swelling in the area of contamination particularly from petroleum products. If any rubber equipment should be submitted for inspection, electrical testing and cleaning if it is exposed to chemical contaminants or may suspect any physical damage.

Electrical safety gloves are more effective for high dielectric and physical strength, along with durability and flexibility. Electrical safety gloves are categorized by their resistance to ozone and the levels of voltage protection they provide. Cracking of the rubber may be caused by Ozone compromising the coherence of the glove. Ozone resistance may prove fatal during & after use if these Electrical safety gloves are used where the Ozone levels are high.

Applications :

1) Utility Linemen
2) Maintenance & Electrical Supervisors
3) Machine Operators, Maintenance Millwrights & Mechanics
4) Automotive Technicians
5) Field Service Technicians
6) Elevator installers and repairers
7) Electricians
8) Telecommunications technicians
9) HVAC Technicians

CODE NO: DR - 001

Test Voltage Working Voltage
5000 Volts 650 Volts
11000 Volts 1100 Volts
15000 Volts 3300 Volts
22000 Volts 4000 Volts
25000 Volts 5000 Volts

33000 Volts 7500 Volts
33000 Volts 11000 Volts
33000 Volts 17000 Volts
33000 Volts 26500 Volts
40000 Volts 36000 Volts

CODE NO: DR - 002

5000 Volts 650 Volts
11000 Volts 1100 Volts
17000 Volts 7500 Volts
25000 Volts 17000 Volts

00 25000 Volts 650 Volts 5000 Volts
0 5000 Volts 1000 Volts 10000 Volts
I 10000 Volts 7500 Volts 20000 Volts
II 20000 Volts 17500 Volts 30000 Volts

Testing :
1. Each and every gloves is tested in our laboratory.
2. Certificate will be provided.
3. Tested at erda, baroda (Govt. Recognized Laboratory)

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