Nitrile & Neoprene Latex Gloves

Neoprene Latex Gloves

Victor Impex provides Neoprene Latex Gloves which are made out of a rubber. Neoprene Latex Gloves are also called as 'Acid Gloves' because of its blend waterproof workhorse of the chemical-resistant. Neoprene Latex Gloves are less expensive than other gloves. These Gloves are often used in Medical Grade or the food industry.

Victor Impex manufactures Nitrile Latex Gloves which fit like a second skin, have a high-level touch sensitivity and also provides the best grip. Nitrile Latex Gloves generally protects from bloodborne pathogens and are less expensive. These gloves are made from the synthetic rubber and used in Medical, Hospitals and Food Drug Administration.

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