Latex Disposable Gloves

Latex Disposable Gloves

Latex disposable gloves are in high demand as they provide excellent protection in both the Industrial and Medical industries and are widely used in applications like Medical, Dental, Child care, senior care, Food processing, Janitorial and Sanitation, Automotive and manufacturing industries.

Latex Disposable Gloves are FDA approved for medical use. Latex Disposable Gloves/ Latex Examination Gloves are used specifically by doctors in surgeries.

Industrial-grade latex gloves are manufactured in powdered form and powder free. Latex Disposable Gloves have excellent elasticity, fitting and have good tear strength and chemical resistance.

Latex Disposable Gloves are also used in many clean room gloving operations. Latex Disposable Gloves are linked to sensitivity/allergy problems, which can largely be alleviated by choosing a powder-free version.

Features :

Perfect stitching, Smooth feel, Fine finish

Applications :

Medical, Industrial, Dental, Child Care, Veterinary, Agriculture, Food Industry, Chemical industry, Automotive, Plumbing, Beauty etc.

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